Gubban, her også???

As it is, it is what it is... Nobody can realy rely on anything today, as it all is manipulated. The one's who is behind the wheel, doesn't want world peace. They want nothing but total control over everybody, and with the help from technology, they are almost there... Now personally i can smell a setup miles away, and this is no different! All i have to do is to prove that it IS manipulation, people go far and makes promises based on their name, friends, posittion and brotherhood... That someone is failing. They grew to bold to quickly, the went to fast ahead and fucked up!!! Now, they are looking for someone to blame... Exept someone didn't realy put some effort into it, they fell in their own trap of control and desire! So now the only logical way is to fight it to the end. It's realy easy: I never quit, i never back down, and this case is no different!!! I had an open invitation for an apology for a long time, instead they tried to manipulate it away. They got outsmarted, and now comes the price!!!!! It is what it is, and now the failure is a fact!!! Someone should have refined their tecnology, and to be quite honest: They should complain and demand money back!!! There is no excuse for this, you failed!!!

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